Autumn Winter Fashion

at Stillorgan Village Centre

We were delighted to have Jules Fallon, MD & Creative Director of 1st Option models, Management & Production style our fashion looks this season. With nearly thirty years’ experience in the fashion industry, Jules Fallon is a respected Creative Director, who has worked with the crème de la crème of Ireland’s fashion industry is also a widely renowned as a doyenne in fashion styling and regularly styles for TV3’s fashion and lifestyle show, Xpose.

Click the images below to see what our models are wearing!

Dunnes Stores Tie Belted Coat

Dunnes Stores Polo Neck Sweater

Dunnes Stores Elastic Waist Striped Trousers

Dunnes Stores Velcro Trainers

Dunnes Stores Geranium Collarless Wool Coat

Dunnes Stores Check Silk Scarf

Dunnes Stores Cream Mercerised Top

Dunnes Stores Black Denim Jeans

Dunnes Stores Black Cross Body Bag

Remus Uomo Three Piece Suit

Remus Uomo Marco Capelli Shirt

Remus Uomo Marco Capelli Dickie Bow &  Hanky Set €19.95

Remus Uomo Bugatti Brogue

Remus Uomo Michaelis Belt

Dunnes Stores Satin Pussy Bow Blouse

Dunnes Stores Green Pure Leather Skirt

Dunnes Stores Leopard Print Clutch Bag

Dunnes Stores Oyster Collared Coat

Dunnes Stores Coated Skinny Jeans

Dunnes Stores Turtle Neck Top

Dunnes Stores Leather Boots

Dunnes Stores Check Overcoat

Dunnes Stores Burgundy & Grey Spot Scarf

Dunnes Stores Mustard Merino ½ Zip Jumper

Dunnes Stores Slim Fit Polo

Choice Naya Two Tone Top

Choice Masai Culottes

Choice Necklace

Ecco Incise Tailored Shoe

Ecco Jilim Bucket Bag

Kilkenny Patrick Francis Scarf

Choice Dolcezza Jersey Biker Jacket

Choice Dolcezza Jersey Polo

Choice Dranella Jeans

Carl Scarpa Alessa Loafer

Kilkenny Radley Patcham Palace Crossbody Bag €195.00

Trespass Rasberry Bella Jacket
from €69.99

Trespass Navy Skylar Top
from €19.99

Trespass Storm Grey Rambler Trouser
from €49.99

Trespass Tensing Boots
from €99.99

Contour Wonderbra

Contour Matching Brief

Contour Cotton Kimono

Rocks Juvi Vermeil Earrings

Rocks Necklace

Choice Tunic

Choice Jacket

Choice Yest Leggings

Ecco Pointy Sleek Boot

Best Menswear Marco Capelli Jacket

Remus Uomo Turtle Neck

Specsavers Gant Glasses
€199.00 (2 for 1)

Rocks Tissot Rose Gold Watch

Contour Rebelle Pyjama

Contour Triumph Chemise

Rocks Rose Gold Pleated Bangle

Rocks Rose Gold Pleated Necklace

Rocks Rose Gold Pleated Earrings

Best Menswear Marco Capelli Bomber

Best Menswear Marco Capelli Polo

Best Menswear Marco Capelli Chinos

Lipstick Rinascimento Dress

Lipstick Rinascimneto Coat

Carl Scarpa Belladona Boot

Carl Scarpa Anorra Bag

Lipstick Rinascimento Jeggings

Lipstick Fransa Tunic

Lipstick Rino & Pelle Faux Fur Coat

Carl Scarpa Sadora Heel Boot

Kilkenny Flapover Crossbody Bag

Diffney Benetti Three Piece Suit

Diffney Olymp Shirt

Diffney Michaelis Tie

Diffney Lloyd Shoes

Ashley Reeves Gerry Weber Handmade Coat

Ashley Reeves Gerry Weber Pleated Skirt

Ashley Reeves Gerry Weber Blouse

Kilkenny Radley Arlington Court Bag

Lipstick Cecil Padded Jacket

Lipstick Cecil Top

Lipstick Tapered Leg Trousers

Ecco Womens Trainer

Diffney Gant Jacket

Diffney Gant Jumper

Diffney Gant Shirt

Diffney Gardeur Jeans

Ecco Exostrike Boots

Goldren Spiderweb Kitten Jumper

Golden Spiderweb Parka Jakect

Golden Spiderweb Skirt

Ecco Soft Laced Shoes

Ecco Backpack

Golden Spiderweb Batwing Jumper

Golden Spiderweb Jeggings

Kilkenny Guess Taupe Bag

Foot Solutions Black Tucan Boots

Trespass Accelerator Jacket
from €69.99

Trespass Skylar Top
from €19.99

Trespass Rambler Trousers
from €49.99

Trespass Tensing Footwear
from €99.99

Diffney Digel Jacket

Diffney Amsterdam Shirt

Diffney Gardeur Jeans

Diffney Lloyd Shoes

Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses
€149.00 (2 for 1)

Ashley Reeves Opus Jacket

Ashley Reeves Opus Suit Jacket

Ashley Reeves Opus Scarf

Ashley Reeves Bicalla Polo

Kilkenny Cerruti Panel Bag

Specsavers Superdry Glasses
€189.00 (2 for 1)

Ashley Reeves EMME Coat

Ashley Reeves EMME Trousers

Golden Spiderweb Balloon Dress

Golden Spiderweb Pashmina Scarf

Rocks Sterling Silver Bracelet

Carl Scarpa Delia Pewter Sandal