WIN a £100 gift voucher
and Your Story Book Professionally Printed!

The pandemic might have put a lot of strain on children but there’s a way to help them process what's happening in a positive way… by using their creativity!

We're asking children to use their imagination, and tell the story of ugly Mr Corona : What does he look like? How did it all start? What did the world do then to fight him back and take over the earth again?

You can WIN a £100 gift voucher AND your picture book professionally drawn by an illustrator, printed with your name on the front! The book will be printed in a limited edition and the proceeds will go to Action for Children UK.

Let your kid's imagination run wild as they create an 8-page picture book (minimum) using our downloadable template below. Every week we will release the next chapter of the story for your child to expand on.

You MUST register to enter and when ALL four chapters, the front and back cover are created, send photos of your picture book to us via Facebook, Instagram or email us here . Good luck!

*Bonus! Download and design your book cover here

Download Chapter 1

Download Chapter 2

Download Chapter 3

Download Chapter 4

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